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Monday, April 16, 2007

What a Scrap of a Weekend!

OK so we headed out mid morning on Friday headed out to Milwaukee. The drive was long but I had a good time. I was the designated driver (hehe) so Shannon slept almost the whole trip while Suzoo and I did our best to bring back the 80's. We sang the whole way (yeah, like you expected anything different from me). We get there and I am a little tired but not too tired to go straight to the convention. OH wait - let me back up a little.....we were supposed to be staying with Shannon's parents but the night before, she calls me and tells me that her Dad had gotten us rooms at the same hotel the convention was in! How cool was that? So, back to the story. We get in the room and head straight down to the convention. Ya'll I am a serious sucker for this stuff and I was like a kid in a candy shop! I did buy some really cute lounging pants that have a scrappin theme and they are all pink and girly. I tried to keep myself in line and not spend too much since I just had to write that nasty check to the IRS.

Suzoo and I were scheduled for the crop that night so we headed to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner. OMG the food phenomenal - the service - SUCKED! Seriously, I just had soup and salad and it took over an hour. Suzoo and I did meet a fellow scrapper - Sharon. She was having dinner alone so we invited her to join us. Then off to the crop. Ya'll these ladies were hard core - I loved it! We cropped all night. So after a full night I headed back to the room and basically passed out.

Saturday. Up and at it early. Suzoo and I volunteered to be workshop assistants. Hers was first thing in the morning, mine wasn't until the afternoon. So, Suzoo was up and out before I even got out of bed. I got up, got ready and headed back down to the convention for a while. Came back and Shannon was just waking up. We decided to head out to Perkins for breakfast. Food - YUMMY! Service - SUCKED AGAIN! What is up with that?

I did my two workshops and had a great time doing it. Those ladies thought I knew all this stuff and I was learning it for the first time myself - but I guess I faked it pretty darn well...I am talented like that hehe.

The convention ended at 5. Shannon's parents came back by for a visit and we decided to go out for dinner. We went to a little local place called Dino's. OMG ya'll that was some seriously FABULOUS pizza! I mean just wonderful! And the service - was finally good! I was starting to think that I was cursed or something. After dinner we headed back to the room. Suzoo decided to hit the pool. Shannon, her parents and I stayed in the room and played cards (yeah aren't we the wild bunch). We played for a really long time and told stories and laughed - it was really nice.

Sunday - the plan was to get up and hit the road early. Yeah, that didn't happen. We didn't even wake up until 9! But we were quick and hit the road by 10. Not too bad for 2 scrappers (Suzoo and I) with all the crap we brought plus all the crap we bought and all the crap we were given from the crop and from being assistants. I basically had to repack everything so it would fit just right in my bag.

The drive back was fun! Shannon slept (seriously, I don't think John lets her sleep during the week or something - that girl slept all weekend!). Suzoo and I reprised our roles as the ladies of the 80's. There were cops everywhere, I mean all over I-94 we just saw cop after cop after cop. BUT that was not all.....roadkill. Every couple of miles there was some sort of roadkill. I am not even kidding - it got to the point we were just laughing every time we saw it. I got home just shortly after 4 in the afternoon and I was toast. Just worn out.

Now, I have to rest up because next weekend this girl is headed to Houston for BLOGGER BLOWOUT! Oh yeah baby! I am headed out late Thursday and staying with Shell - so girl you better stop being sick - I mean it woman!

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