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Monday, April 23, 2007

Ever see those cartoons

Where the characters head explodes? Yeah, that is what my head has been feeling like, like its gonna freaking explode. Before I continue my whining, let me first and foremost say that ya'll at Blogger Blowout totally rock and I am proud to call you my bitches!

OK so lets recap. Tuesday of last week it started with the tiniest of a tickle in my throat. Wednesday still a tickle, voice sounds like crap, getting a little congested in my chest but nothing serious. Basically I sounded like crap but I didn't feel as bad as I sounded. Thursday, voice sounding really really bad now, the tiny scratchiness has escalated and the chest congestion is getting worse. As a matter of fact it is developing into a cough but still.....I am hanging in there.

My first mistake was getting on the plane feeling a little "stuffy". Pressurized head and pressurized planes don't mix. The first half was just not fun. Sitting back in steerage with some rich arrogant idiot that I could still hear even though I had my head phones on. I tried to work. Actually, I did do quite a bit of work until my battery was almost dead. On my layover, I decided I couldn't sit in the back again so I went to the gate agent with my pitiful self and was gonna try and get an upgrade. She didn't know how to use my points, would only take plastic (which I claimed that I didn't have - hehe) and just looked so pitiful - the agent just gave it to me. Ahhh I love this airline.

Get to Houston, Shell was there pretty quickly (although the bags took a little while to be delivered) and off we go! I was still feeling OK, still sounding like crap but also starting to get tired. So, we didn't stay up too long on Thursday night.

Friday, after doing some work work in the morning (gotta pay the bills), we headed out into town and Shell showed me the sites. Lunch was just incredible. We ate at Treebeards and I had the red beans and rice - OMG ya'll - YUMMY! Here just take a look at it.....doesn't that look like heaven in a bowl? (TKW this is for you girl - I hear this one of your favorite places)

In the evening, we headed out to a birthday party for one of Shell's friends. It was great getting to meet everyone and ummm there was a little bit of eye candy there too so that just added to the festivities. Then on to meet the girls! OMG this is greatest bunch of girls you could ever meet. So fun! I was starting to feel like crap but was trying to hold it off. I only had 2 drinks....ONLY 2! because I felt so much like crap. We left around midnight or so and headed back to Shell's place. I crashed....hard.

Saturday I wake up and it has finally all caught up to me. Not only do I sound really really bad with the voice and the hacking cough and the sneezing....but I also now feel just as bad as I sound. This is not good. I can't feel this bad for the big night. Shell and I went shopping at Sam Moon but that was about all I could handle. We came back to her place and I fell asleep on the couch (yeah I am a party animal). Slept a couple of hours which was good because there is no way that I would have made it through the night without it. Got up, took a really hot shower (thinking the steam would help my head - it did a little). Got all dressed and headed out to the party. We were late but that is ok I made it right? Shell ditched me to go hang out with her sister and cousin (kidding kidding - she hadn't seen her cousin in a really long time so it was cool). I went with the rest of the girls to the place called Drink that is a bunch of bars all in one. The first one, an 80's retro place - you know I was loving that one. The next one, a dance place, the third - KARAOKE!!! I have a great recording of Tammy singing. I wanted to sing soooooooo much but I couldn't my poor voice sounded like hell but Amiee and I did sit back in the corner and sing everything - and I think we did it much better than many even with my crackly voice - but then again we are biased. I managed to make it until just past midnight. After that I was done, I was toast. Now usually I can hang much better than that but I was just so freaking worn out, couldn't breath, was hacking......miserable. Got back to Shell's and debated for about an hour on whether or not we should sleep. My flight left out at 5:40AM which means being at the airport and hour before, which means leaving her place at 3 something. Sleep? or no sleep? We opted for sleep. Didn't get much before it was time to go.

Now here is my word of advice for everyone. If you take nothing else from this morning's rant please take my word for this. DO NOT fly when your head is already so pressurized it could explode on its own. Taking off was OK but each landing was just painful. My left ear did not want to equalize pressure and when it released a little it hurt - BAD! I am sitting here this morning typing this out and my left ear is STILL NOT 100% equalized.

There will be more stories and pictures and things to tell but right now - I am STILL SICK!!!! Enough is enough already.....seriously.....

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