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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Leavin on jet plane

And headed to Blogger Blowout in Houston ya'll! So as many of you will be driving home during rush hour, yours truly will be flyin high above clouds to hang with the cool peeps! I won't get there until late (stupid layovers) so I won't be much use for anyone and considering Shell is gonna be all hyped up on meds she is not gonna be any use for anyone either ...hehe yeah that is gonna be a sight and yeah I will take pics. (sorry Shell)

BUT before all the festivities begin, I have to get through the day. I haven't even packed yet. I know I am a slacker. Plus I have work to do - you know, the kind that pays the bills or in my case Uncle Sam? I don't have any calls scheduled which is fine because I have lots of other crap to keep me busy busy busy. I am even considering doing a little work on the plane since I am going to be traveling for so long. But then again, I might sweet talk the agents and get put back in first class and umm have a beverage or three. Depends on how much I get done today. So sorry if I don't get around to commenting today. I promise I will get to ya.....PROMISE.

I am sure there will be lots of stories to tell and lots of blogging to be done.....

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