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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

#295 - and then there were four

OK first - this is post # 295. I think I have mentioned before that for my 300th post I am going to put up 300 things about me (to keep in tradition of 100 & 200). You may have seen the little meme running around where you interview another blogger. Speckled Pup has interviewed me and I will be putting up my answers as a part of my 300 post. So here is your chance fellow bloggers, internets and lurkers (yeah I see you)....what do you want to know? Come on - don't be shy...haha....ok now on with post....

See this?????

This was taken just a few minutes ago. This is what I get for loving up on a visiting kitty. Let me explain. I am kitty sitting again this week so instead of 2 there are now 4 grown kitties in my house. Sylvester was fine. He remembered his BFF Taz. It was cool. Then Kitty Girl....poor thing was soooo stressed out. Then man child threw a toy into the mix and it was on. Kitties screamin, fur flying, teenage daughter and Mr. Cheeky laughing. Poor kitty girl got cornered and literally crapped her pants! Yep, laid her a big ol sting pickle right there on the floor. So, after that - we seperated them again. Well, all night long they screamed at each other through the doors. Nobody got sleep except man child - we are gonna be a pleasant bunch to be around today. Anyway, I was holding Taz (the visiting male kitty) and he was loving up on me. Rolling in my hair (he has a hair fetish). Purring. It was a real love fest. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw his sister Sugar and got all tense (I guess he thought it was one of my kitties) and dug in his back claws....INTO.MY.CHEST. Yeah, that felt good.

They have been here before. Remember the first visit??

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And this was the second....

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All I ask is to just get through this week......

Cheeky - who said - yeah those are little pink moose in scarves on my nitey shirt. Wanna make something of it? Huh? Do ya? I will make my kittis pounce on ya....


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