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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

#298 - Where in the World is ....Mrs. Cheeky?

Yes, I know I know. Its been a week since my last post. I have received word that there are those that are going through Cheeky withdrawals (Jen, Shell....yep calling you out) and for that I apologize (yeah, right, uh huh hehe).

I have been traveling once again and spent all of last week in Charleston and was there for the first named storm of the season. Actually, it occured before the hurricane season officially starts which is June 1. But you know me and storms. It wasn't really anything to write home about but it still made me happy. Yeah, I know, it doesn't take much huh?

While I was there the theme once again was....say it with me now..."Man, I ate waaaaay too much!". I also got to spend some time with Mommy K and baby Duncan and got lots of Duncan kisses.

On the way home, the pilot took the short cut* so it wasn't so bad. Got home at a decent hour and felt all refreshed. Did a few things around the house and went to see Delta Farce at the movies. I have to say there are some really good one liners in there. I enjoyed it - but then again I am a redneck so it was right up my alley. Saturday night, we had big ol honkers on the grill (that would be steaks for the normal person - honkers at chez Cheeky). After dinner, Mr. Cheeky and I watched the last installment of X-men on cable and promptly fell asleep. Me on one sofa, him on the other - yeah we are wild like that.

Sunday - Ahhhh Mother's Day! I got give cards to Michaels and Archivers (and since I am a scrapbook junkie - I was very pleased). Since I got the cards I just HAD to go shop. So we had a lazy morning and headed out to Coon Rapids for the day for shopping and then we had Mexican food for lunch - YUM! Came home and went down to "my room" to play with my toys (read: scrapbook stuff). Then of course I had to watch the season finale of Survivor. I hate that Yau-man didn't win but I am glad it was Earl instead of any of the other two that were left. Overall it was a really good season. I am interested now in this new Pirate thing they are going to start in a few weeks. Might be interesting.

So yeah, that is about it from Chez Cheeky. Nothing really exciting but sometimes just everyday kinda stuff is good - ya know what I mean?

Big shout out to Katie - thanks girl for the Valley Fair coupons - we so have to get together and hang out soon.

*Short cut - when traveling with the kids, especially in the car, they would always fall asleep and tend to wake up just before we got to where we were going. They thought it was amazing that it didn't take very long at all. So we would say "that's because we took a short cut while you were asleep". When the kids were little they of course believed it but the rule was you had to sleep before we could take the short cut. Yeah, I like messing with their heads....keeps life fun.

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