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Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Update with your host Cheeky

Ever have one of those weekends where you are busy but not busy?

Saturday morning got up early thanks to the screaming cat (who for the record is sitting beside me screaming as I type). So since I was up early, I started looking at my stamps and getting an idea for Turkey day cards (I am going to send them after all). Then, I went for a walk while the house was asleep. When I got back I see that Mr. Cheeky had made breakfast (as he always does) and then we were off. Mr. Cheeky and manchild were off to the first hockey practice of the season. Teenage daughter and I were off to shop. We were on a mission. She needed business clothes for a school function. I needed craft stuff. That is one of the pickiest people I know when it comes to clothes. She is small so finding the right size isn't the issue - her being picky is. ANYWAY....we found everything she needed AND was able to pay for it with an unused gift card we found last week when cleaning out the junk drawer. Gotta love it when that happens.

Then we were off to the local stamp shop to pick up a stamp that I have been trying to find for months. I had them order it for me. They were slow enough about it but I finally got it! Now ya'll need to get to having babies so I can use it LOL! I also got all the card stock I was going to need for my Turkey day card idea. I get home and see that Shell was looking on ebay and found me the cutest ever turkey day stamp - now I have to bid. Now I have to change my idea for the card....or maybe not. I may not get it.

Since Mr. Cheeky and manchild had gone fishing, I headed straight down to start on some cards. I figure I can do some of the ones that I had originally decided on and then if I DO win the stamp I can just do different cards (and ya'll will have to compare notes...haha). They turned out really cute - yes they did.

Ordered Pizza for dinner (yes, again Shell - shut it) and then off to Target for some shopping for the house (you know food and stuff). Didn't get home and settled in until almost 9 o'clock. At that point we just played some Warcraft and vegged.

Sunday: Up early again. Took teenage daughter to school (yes, on Sunday) to catch the bus for her function. She will be back after school on Monday. Stopped by Target to pick up Guitar Hero 3 oh yes, I did. Came home and started playing. Now, we play games on the 3rd level where the family room is. This is also the level where teenage daughter has her bathroom. DISGUSTING! I have had it. I figure at this point if she wants privacy, she has to earn it by keeping things clean. Otherwise, I will do it and anything and everything in those rooms is free game. I started with the bathroom. I pulled EVERY.SINGLE.THING out of it and scrubbed it from top to bottom. This is a small room ya'll and I was in there for almost half the day. Its purty now though and will be getting a paint job next weekend. If I had not been worn out from scrubbing that pit she calls a bathroom I would have started on her room. Its next. I am pretty booked for interviews Monday so she may have a final chance on the room....maybe.

I lost the Turkey day stamp. Shell was watching it for me too but of course someone snuck in at the last couple of seconds and got it. Luckily I was offered a "second chance" so YEAH I got my turkey day stamp! Woot! Now I gotta pay and wait for shipping.

Then while resting I decided it was time to be a Guitar Hero and a hero is what I became! OH I like this one. Some of the songs are pretty challenging and this one has a battle mode too! Took another walk to de-stress a little bit and then made dinner.

It was an early night cause Mr. Cheeky had to get up at 3:30am to catch an early flight. He will be in Dallas all week again.

So there you have it - a busy but not busy weekend. I am still tired and don't really want to make a pot of coffee just for me - but I am thinking I will.

Friday's steps: 3761 (yeah - not so much this day)
Saturdays steps: 10882 (woohooo broke the 10K mark)
Sunday's steps: 8320

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