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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

They managed to pull it off

Mr. Cheeky managed to get two additional tickets to the game so we decided to take the kids and HH turned into eating burgers at Wendy's. Which is fine by me cause if you are gonna get a fast food burger, Wendy's is the only place to go - they ROCK!

So back to the game, during the last period and with one minute left to play - we won! Seriously guys, ya'll played great - during the last period. Not sure what the coach said to ya (who by the way was coaching his 1000th NHL game) but it obviously worked.

During the game, you know they show little snipets of upcoming events on the little video thing (yes, its a video thing, I can't think of what its called, its early and my go-go juice hasn't kicked in yet so cut me some slack mmmmmkay?). Anywho, I saw that Barry Manilow was coming so I did what any good blogger would do, I texted my blogger buds and it read "Am I a tard if I want to see Barry Manilow?" (not saying that I do, just saying there was a break in the game and I was entertaining myself let's keep that straight mmmmkay?). These are the responses I got in the order they were received:

BB #1: "Yes, and I don't know you anymore"
BB #2: "Kinda but I won't tell"
BB #3: "No No No"

I love messing with my girls LOL!

In other news the kennel known as Chez Cheeky is now open. Now remember I have two kitties of my own. Today, we will be getting Sadie. We have dogsat her several times throughout the year. When she is here for an extended time it usually will stress out (my) Kitty Girl and she pees. On furniture. Leather furniture. Right in front of you. Cause she is mad and stressed out. We will have Sadie for a week. Then on Saturday, we will be receiving the siamese kitties Taz and Sugar (brother and sister in case you were wondering and Shug is cross eyed which makes us laugh but I digress...). They will be staying from this Saturday through January 2nd. My kitties are usually ok with these two after they are here for a while. Actually Taz and (my) Sylvester are pretty good buds after about a day. So, as of this Saturday, we will have FOUR kitties and ONE dog, TWO kids and TWO adults in the house. Don't you wanna come and join in the fun?

For your viewing enjoyment a little video from the last visit of Taz and Shug:

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Cheeky who is singing....some Ted Nuggent-Cat Scratch Fever....

The first time that I got it, I was just ten years old. I got it from some kitty next door. I went and see the Dr. and he gave me the cure. I think I got it some more...They give me cat scratch fever...Cat scratch fever!

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