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Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Update

Well I hope you have something to drink - ya'll might be here a while....have lots to tell.

Bunco Friday night. Had a blast. I met an entirely new set of neighbors. I knew 2 already and had spoken to a third but that was it. There were 17 ladies there and only 3 were not from the neighborhood. All but two of us were newbies to the game. After the first game (we played 4) everyone was comfortable with the game so then the chattiness began. So far so good with these ladies. I was very pleased that the conversations were not "about anyone" they were just general conversations which was nice. I did learn that one neighbor is preggers (she was the one I have spoken to but didn't really know prior to this shindig) and due in May (wait or was it March can't remember - its an M month give me that much credit mmmkay?). The food was great. We all brought an appetiser. And it was BYOB. I am really glad that I went. We are going to do this the first Friday of every month so the next one will be Jan. 4th.


We skipped the usual weekend breakfast. Oh we ate, but I didn't want much because my tummy was hurting (guess I need to start taking Prilosec again and no I wasn't hungover - geesh the things ya'll think about me....hehe) AND everyone was up before me. Man child had hockey practice and I went out to get the last 2 gift cards I needed before sending off my package to NC. It was a nightmare. Crowded. People being rude. I tried to be extra nice to the sales people and cashiers cause you could just see in their faces they were about to explode.

Got home and had our honkers for dinner. THEN it was off to a night of fun and games and it was ADULTS ONLY! Mr. Cheeky is on the Asian business counsel at work. No, he is not Asian. At any rate, he has met some really nice people and one of them invited us to her house for her annual game party. We played Wii, Guitar Hero, DDR and others. There was tons of food and drink, 70+ people, and no kids to nag. Mr. Cheeky and I really showed them all how to play Guitar Hero - they were all fairly new to it I guess so when we started out on something other than "easy" they just thought we were the bomb - and you know what? We were!! We really ARE Guitar Heroes! Got home just after 11.

Sunday: Up early again because Manchild had a hockey game at 7:15. They tied. They all played really well. I am glad to see the teams being really balanced as far as skill level is concerned. No one out doing the others or being "puck hogs". Makes for a much more enjoyable game to watch when they are evenly matched.

I also learned that Manchild will be carrying the American Flag for the highschool hockey game on Dec. 20th! He will be all dressed in his gear and skate around the rink with the flag. Teenage daughter is worried he will fall - oh she is not worried for him, but for HER! cause they will announce his name on the speaker when he comes out. (I think that's funny).

Later that morning we got home manchild chose the winner for the contest (Congrats Moi), Teenage daughter worked on homework, Mr. Cheeky slept, and I played in my craft room doing some last minute cards. Had some lunch and after a game of Warcraft Mr. Cheeky went ice fishing while I went back to the craft room.

We had Roasted Chicken Parmesean for dinner - oh my it was really really good and you know what - all I did was cook it. I got it from the deli at Costco! YUM! I wouldn't want it all the time but it was a nice treat when you don't feel like cooking (and its something different than Pizza).

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