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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekend Update and an Announcement

It was a really good weekend!

Friday night - I went to pick up Mr. Cheeky from the airport. Stopped by and got a few groceries on the way home (exciting aren't we?). We planned our attack for the following morning. The snow was coming and we had things we had to get done. We had a nice evening but had to retire early cause Manchild had an early morning hockey practice on Saturday.


Ummmm slept in until 7:30. Practice was at 6:30 - yep we missed it. Got up and had a really yummy breakfast (Hashbrowns with ham, onions, jalapenos and cheese - see told ya - yummy). We usually have a really good breakfast on weekend days. Kept an eye on the radar. Snow was supposed to be here around noon. Plenty of time. After doing a few things we looked outside and ummmm - it was snowing. It was only 9:30. It was earlier than we expected. We modified our plan. We opted to get the tree - the lights would not be going up. So as the snow was falling fast and furious we were walking around trying to find the perfect tree. We found it. Its perfect. We got it in and put it in the garage for a while.

While we were out getting the tree, we stopped by the store and got a few items to make some snacks (I made a cheese ball and stuffed celery's also made a big pot of Chili for that evening's meal). We were gonna be settled in to watch the snow. We played games and just had a grand ol time. Teenage daughter's friend came over before the snow got too bad.

Some random comments:

"You wanna squirt - I'll bend over and give you a squirt" (now I was asking for a soda)
"Do you know what to do when you are tail - fishing?" (of course we had follow ups with this one).

The chili was awesome. The snow finally stopped and Mr. Cheeky and I shoveled the driveway at 8pm. Afterwards, we stayed up late playing games and watching MadTV.

Sunday: Getting up fairly early again. Breakfast was yellow runny eggs (over easy for most of ya'll yellow runny for me) bacon and toast. Got the manchild up and fed and ready to go to practice.

I was upstairs folding Mr. Cheeky's shirts (cause I am the only one that can fold his dress shirt properly for packing) getting them ready to pack and he calls - we missed practice again. This time because we misread the schedule. Oh Joy! Actually there were two schedules - we apparently read the wrong one. They get home and Mr. Cheeky gets packed. Quick lunch and then off to the airport for another week of travel.

I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in my craft room.

Overall an enjoyable weekend. Got some things done (the tree is bought and in the house - not decorated yet - that is Monday) others didn't get done (lights outside) and probably won't now that the snow is here.

Now on for the announcement.

Friday afternoon I received a call. As of December 31st my ability to work from home will come to an end. If you will recall, my company was bought out last summer/fall. This is a HUGE corporation that posted dismal reports for their 3rd quarter earnings (huge losses). Because of this, all contractors must go before the layoffs of regular employees. While our company isn't majorly effected (business as usual or so they have been told we will see if that remains to be the case later) the rule for contractors is across the board. So, I am done. Now I could form my own business and become "vendor" but I don't want to do that. Its a lot of money up front and nothing coming in for quite a long time on that one. No, I have much better things to do with my time.

I am amazingly OK with this (when I was laid off in the past I took it personal and got depressed, not this time). I have seen it coming for quite some time and made my peace with it then. I am not going to look for anything new for a while. At least until the spring and even then maybe only something part time to continue to fund my crafting habit. I have thrown around the idea of taking a few classes. Not for a new job but because I have wanted to learn these things. I have lots of pictures that need to be put into scrapbooks so that will keep me busy too. Of course now I have NO excuse for not getting on that treadmill daily.

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