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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finding new reads

I was updating my blogroll the other day and I thought to myself "hmmmm I wonder how people find me" and then I read a similar post from Caroline.

There are days that I would just do the little "next blog" tab at the top there and find people (that is how I found TKW way back when) but I really don't like doing that much anymore because there is so much porn out there and yeah, that ain't what I am lookin for. Don't believe me? Just try it. I bet within the next 6 blogs one of them will be porn.

Then there are times that I will find new reads by lurking on the blogrolls of people I read regularly. I will start lurking around who they are reading and if I like them I will start commenting and then a new link is formed.

Sometimes, I will read the comments from another blogger to one of my friends and I think "oh this person is a hoot" and then I start reading them too.

I found a lot of my original peeps back in day from SPF and Thursday Thirteen.

So, how do you find new peeps? And how did you find me?

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