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Friday, November 30, 2007

My Domestic Side is MIA!

So remember a few weeks ago I was all worried that I was sick cause I was being all domestic? Well yeah, its gone. I have no motivation. Oh sure I trudge along and do the things I have to do but the joy of doing it is gone (see I told ya I was sick - I enjoyed it). I am sure it will return but leaving me high and dry just as the holiday season starts - well it just ain't right.

Oh speaking of holiday season, there is a glitch in my plan to get the lights up this weekend. See, Mr. Cheeky doesn't come home until tonight, after dark. So its not gonna happen tonight and well Saturday we are expected to get more of the "S" word than I care to think about (yes its gonna have to be shoveled - yes it would be enough to plow if I had one). So, if there is that "S" stuff coming down then the lights are not going to go up. AND Mr. Cheeky leaves out again on Sunday so there is a small little window there to get the lights up. I am not pleased with this scenario.

Since it appears that I am going to be inside this weekend, I am going to finish up addressing my cards. I know its early so I am not going to mail them just yet. So, if you want one, its not too late to send me that address and let me know.

Cheeky - who is in search of the domestic side - do you think its hiding under the sofa with the ghost turds?

Updated: my email address to send me those addresses for the cards: cheekygrin30 at yahoo dot com

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