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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The first tragedy of the holiday season

So yesterday morning I was working away upstairs and getting the manchild his breakfast before school. Things were running smoothly and that is when I heard it. The sound of glass breaking from downstairs. Crap! The cats must be playing under the tree again. So I go downstairs and start looking under the tree. Nothing but presents. Hmmmm.... I look around and halfway across the room I find this......

It appears that Mr. Sylvester (aka the cat that likes to hork and hide it) has decided that he likes to play with the NEW (let me repeat that NEW - as in just bought on Friday new) glass ornaments! So because I watch so much CSI and learned a thing or two (and because I have since witnessed this), I have deduced that Sylvester was taking the ornament in his mouth and tossing it up in the air then batting it around with his paw playing with it. Just so happens that when the ornament landed on the carpet it hit the corner of a DVD case (Elf in case you were wondering) and shattered into the carpeting. Now why couldn't he do this with an old crappy one? Why did he pick my new one?

Since throwing around the ornaments is something that Sylvester seems to enjoy I suspect that I will be seeing more tragedies as the holiday continues.

Oh and for the record - its now officially cold! Current temp is 7! with a windchill at -10!


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