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Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday/Weekend Update

We had a really nice holiday. The food and company was great. I called the neighbor to borrow her paper to get the sales ads and plan my attack.

Up at 3:00am out the door by 3:15. I was the FIRST person in line at Target. They opened at 6:00. I was only there by myself for about 10 mins or so and then I was joined by another lady. Another 5 mins and another one showed up. It was the three of us for about 1/2 hour or so. They were really nice and chatting with them really made the time standing in 18 degree weather go by fairly quickly. People started trickling in. The first 10 of us in line were all there for something different and we made a pact that we would help each other out to get what we wanted. We also decided that we would meet there again same time next year (if the deals are right). Despite the cold we were all laughing and having a good time just being there. Its nice to see those with such a good attitude when you always hear the stories about those that are always fighting on days like this.

I was in the store, did my shopping, and was back home in bed by 6:45. I got everything I wanted. This trip together with the few online things I ordered pretty much sums up my shopping. I have a few small items and Mr. Cheeky's gift and I am done ya'll!

After a few hours sleep, I was up again and then took the man child to hockey practice. Came home and started wrapping the gifts. Later that night, we got the first tree up and decorated.

Few things around the house to get Mr. Cheeky ready for travel. Back to hockey practice. I wrapped the rest of the gifts while man child was out of the house. We planned on getting the second tree (this one real) but ran out of time. We will get it next weekend when Mr. Cheeky gets back. Took Mr. Cheeky to the airport and then I took the kids out to dinner. That was about it, not very exciting but I like it that way.

Spent some time on the treadmill. Ran to the craft store to get a few things and the man child had a hockey game. That was about it.

This week will be busy. Teenage daughter starts drivers ed so I will be waiting in the car and as soon as she gets off the bus we are on our way. She has this for the next 2 1/2 weeks then its permit time - oh joy. Also, man child has karate practice and hockey pictures this week too so it will be a lot of running around for me.

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