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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A few loose screws

Ya know, everywhere I turn in this house I am finding some sort of loose screw. On my bathroom door (its a sliding door, yes I hate it), on my laundry room door (also a slider and I hate it), on my sun glasses, etc. Just I look at something and the screw is loose. AND it always happens when Mr. Cheeky is traveling. Good thing I am handy with tools.

Oh speaking of tools, I have a confession. Did you know that I am quite the accomplished burglar? Seriously, I am good. I was reminded of my skills this past weekend when I had to break into the man child's bathroom (not a slider). Let me explain. When I was a kid, people at my house would have this habit of locking themselves out of the house. But never fear, a young cheekster would soon be there to save the day. Yep, at the ripe old age of 8 (or maybe younger - I think it was younger) I could break in the house and save the day. It used to be that I would crawl in through the laundry room window (I was small enough to fit in it those days), then, I learned how to pop the lock on the sliding glass door in the back (that is when Mom decided it might be a good idea to put a stick in the track to stop that from happening).

Over the years I have had to break in my own house in one form or another. Fast forward to Charleston, SC. It was January. The kids were staying the night at a friends house and I was doing housework. Mr. Cheeky was traveling. I was in my night shirt, no shoes and decided to take out the trash. The door closed behind me and was locked. Oh joy! I went to my neighbors to get a screwdriver (cause the garage wouldn't open without the remote and umm it was in the car). They didn't answer. So, I walked about 4 blocks to another friends house (in my nightshirt and barefoot and it was in the 30's brrrr) to get a screwdriver. He drove me back and I proceeded to break in again through the sliding glass door. I just - well I am not going to give away secrets on how I did it but lets just say it didn't take anytime at all and there was no damage to the lock or door.

Back to this weekend. I took Mr. Cheeky to the airport and when I got home I was met at the door by teenage daughter.

TD: Are you in a good mood?
Cheeky: Why?
TD: Put on that happy face I have something to tell you.
Cheeky: What was broken?
TD: Come upstairs

(such a drama queen that one...LOL)

Manchild had managed to lock and shut is bathroom door. From the outside. I don't know how. I don't care how.

Cheeky: Go get me a phillips head.

And I proceeded to take the door handle off and open the door. Getting the handle off wasn't the problem. The new locks are getting trickier and it took me longer than I expected to get it open. But I managed once again.

So if you ever lock yourself out and need to break in your own home, gimme a call.

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