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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Tell All

Before I begin remember to comment comment comment if you want to win the goodies (see post from Tuesday).

I stole this from the FABULOUS Pup. Go check hers out and tell her I sent ya.

My name...Cheeky (not what's on the birth certificate but was inspired by my very first internet buddy from - 1994/95 - GEESH that was a long time ago).
My website.....this one
I hail from .... currently in Minneapolis but not born here.

1. All I want for Christmas is.... two things - first for our family to be as goofy as we were in NC in early November and second, a new chair for my crafting room.

2 My favorite holiday cocktail.... its not really a "cocktail" but its a wonderful lemon/lime punch. No alcohol just lots of sugar and very addicting (one glass is never enough)

3. My favorite holiday party hors d'oeuvre.... cheeseball (that I make and its not just for the holidays)

4. The average price I spend per gift.... Kids? way too much. Friends and Family - depends on who and what but anywhere from $10 to $75.

5. My favorite gift to give during the holidays .... Something homemade - usually my cards or when time permits a scrapbook.

6. Something overrated about the holidays .... Gimme Gimme Gimme

7. Something I must have before Christmas .... time. I have a few handmade things that are in various stages of completion. I need to get the finished up in plenty of time to ship them.

8. One thing I always do during the holidays ... Get the bulk of my shopping done as early as possible. I don't like stressing out over it.

9. Where I love to shop for the holidays ..... everywhere. I like Black Friday just cause people are so nuts its funny. Go with a good attitude and laugh at others stressing out then you will realize you will be just fine LOL.

10. A holiday tradition I have .... My favorite holiday tradition started with my very first Christmas. Mr. Cheeky was out to sea. It was just me and Weezer and a sad little tree. I had one Christmas CD (Jim Reeves and Elvis and I still have it). At the end of the day after work and school I would turn on the music, turn on the tree, and turn off the rest of the lights and just enjoy it. When Teenage Daughter was born I included her in the ritual until she became a toddler and didn't want to sit still with me. Weezer was always there on my lap. After losing him in Oct of 06 I haven't done this since. I tried but its just not the same without Weezer.

11. One thing you won't find me doing during the holidays... Being a Scrooge. I tend to be generous throughout the year anyway but during this time it goes into overdrive.

12. What do you want for Christmas...Didn't I answer this is question one?

I am not tagging ya - you wanna do it - have at it. Just tell me you did and I will come check it out :)

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