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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness......

OK I have been seeing a lot of contest kinds of things going around on blogs lately and I want in on the game. I think its fun. So here is what I propose....I am giving away 10 handmade cards (with matching envelopes) of your choice (assuming I have supplies on hand if you are wanting holiday cards - I am running low on some design components that I usually have to order). They can be Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day, Thank You or Just Because cards. You can mix and match and choose whichever ones you want. I will be putting up a link with a sampling of cards you can choose.

How can you get these little goodies? COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! Yep, that's all just read and comment (or if you wanna be a slacker you can just comment without reading but that's not any fun). At the end of the contest period I will put all the names in a bowl and let the manchild fish one out.

Since the holidays are fast approaching and someone may want these for the holidays I say the cut off will be Dec. 8th. I will hold the drawing the morning of the 9th and then notify the winner. If I don't have your email and if you are not a blogger (lurkers are welcome with this) make sure I have your email address so I can notify you.


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