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Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Randomness

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So let me give you just a little bit of Friday Randomness while my banana nut muffins are baking (mmmmmmm that smell, can't you smell that smell...I digress).

Manchild never ceases to amaze me. Just yesterday during the day I was speaking with a friend (also a mother but she has 2 boys instead of a boy and a girl) about how manchild has been testing my limits. He is starting to enter those pre-pubescent (my .25 word of the day - thank you very much) years and is driving me nuts. So, I am waiting for him to get home, I am watching the clock. 3:40 not home yet (hmmm must be walking slow today). 3:45 not home yet (I bet he stopped along the way to play with his friends). 3:50 not home yet (he really should check with me before he just goes and plays, he knows I worry if he doesn't). 3:55 not home yet (seriously where is this kid). 4:00 not home yet (oh he is sooo gonna be in trouble and get "the lecture" when he gets home). At this point I look out the door to see if I see him playing outside. OH I see him alright but not playing - do you know what this kid was doing..........SHOVELING THE DRIVE! All by himself, WITHOUT being told to. By the time I looked out it was 75% done. I open the door and ask him if he wanted some help. "Nah, I am almost done" he says. When he gets in I ask him why he did it. He said "cause you didn't do it yet so I thought I would" (for the record I had already shoveled once - just hadn't done the second round yet). Now how can you stay irritated with a kid like that?

Teenage daughter is crackin me up these days. She is almost finished with drivers ed and will be getting her permit sometime next week - weather permitting cause I barely drive around in this crap - no way am I gonna let her at first.

Mr. Cheeky comes home today and will be home for the rest of the year (sounds like a long time huh?). So tomorrow after we do some shopping (groceries people - I am done with everything else except for 2 gift cards and I don't consider that shopping) we will be the idiots standing out in the snow grillin a honker! Yes, its been a while since I have had a good honker and well you can't get them as good as we do them at a restaurant and you can't do it that good inside - so outside it is!

Tonight I am doing something that can either be really fun or really stupid (doesn't it always seem that way - fun or stupid?). The ladies in the neighborhood (on the other right side - the left is the trouble makers) want to get together the first Friday of every month and play Bunco or is it Bunko - I don't know - I don't even know what it is. Part of me says, "go have a good time and meet the other side of the street neighbors", the other part of me says "this is going to be one huge gossip fest and you don't want to get caught up in that". I am going to listen to that positive side and go and see what happens.

OK the muffins are done (mmmmmm the house smells good ya'll) so I gots to go get me with that I am gonna leave you with a little song (I know I know I haven't been singing lately).......a little Toby Keith (an older one).....
Getcha Some....

Well boy meets girl and it's a good bet
Girl's gonna play a little hard to get
But they both got the same thing on their mind
Ain't that the way that the world goes round
Don't it get you up get you down
It gets you walking around with a flashlight trying to find

Oooh gotta getcha some gotta getcha some gotta getcha some
Oooh gotta getcha some........ love

Then boy sees girl with another guy
What he wouldn't give just to catch her eye 'cause man
She is so hot
But you can't compete with a superstar
He's got a big old house and little red car
And what need is the one thing you ain't got money

Oooh gotta getcha some gotta getcha some gotta getcha some
Oooh gotta getcha some......... money
Oooh gotta getcha some gotta getcha some gotta getcha some
Oooh gotta getcha some......... yeah

Then god smiles down from up above
The money rolls in and they fall in love
From the outside looking in it's a dream come true
But as time goes by something turns up missing
There's not enough hugging and not enough kissing
Before to long they better do what they gotta do you know

Oooh gotta getcha some gotta getcha some gotta getcha some
Oooh gotta getcha some......... babies
Oooh gotta getcha some gotta getcha some gotta getcha some
Oooh gotta getcha some.......... yeah

You know curtain climbers, and rugrats, and tricycle motors
It don't matter what you call 'em you gotta have a whole house full of 'em
Ain't nothing in the world like youngins getcha some

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