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Monday, March 24, 2008

Ahhhhhhh the South

The sun.....the warmth (yes, 50 is warm so shut it!). The first two days have been busy busy. Have had a nice time catching up with friends and dinner tonight was the best! We went to get fire food (that is what manchild calls Japanese) and we had the best chef I have ever had. Dude was workin it for a tip. I mean really working it and fuuuunnnnyyy! OH I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

So as the chef is cooking and he just dumped out the rice from the bowl and its all round like the bowl.... he hands a spatula to John....big John, six foot something John, and said:

Chef - "slap it and say whos your daddy"
John: just looking at it
Chef - "slap and say who's your daddy"
John: (takes the spatula, slaps the rice,and says) "whos your daddy"
Chef: "No, do it like you mean it"
John: (slaps is hard and says) "whos your daddy"
Chef: takes the spatula back, slaps the rice and says..."now say my name"

OK Maybe you had to be there but we were all rolling.

Only one thing would have made it better and that was if Mr. Cheeky would have been able to join us.

Tomorrow, I will be hanging out with my girl Mommy K and then going to get some home cooked German food with my favorite Germans!

I have already gained 10 pounds LOL

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