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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't ya hate it

When, as you are lying in bed at night you think to yourself, tomorrow, I am going to write about this....and you go to sleep and then you wake up and BAM you can't remember squat except that you had this really great idea? Yeah, that happened to me. So I have to wing it for today.

Random Acts of Kindness - on the scrappy message board that I am a part of we call them RAKS. Did you know that little random acts of kindness mean really big things to the person receiving them? For example, yesterday I got an envelope in the mail from an address in a state that I could not put a name to. I opened it and there they were - in all their tiny glory.....flamingos! Three little flamingo brads (a brad is a scrappy embellishment....non scrappers just take my word for it) from someone on the message board. Why did she send those to me? Because I commented about them and how I adored them. I didn't expect her to send them to me....she just did. Brads are not expensive (stamps are but that's a rant for another day) but that isn't the point. It wasn't the price - it was the thought, it was the randomness of it all that really made me smile on an otherwise crappy Monday.

Know who else sends me little RAKS from time to time - my girl Katie! They are usually just coupons - to feed my addiction (Mr. Cheeky will thank you for that later Katie LOL). But you know what, to me its more than a coupon - it means that at some point she saw it and said "Cheeky would appreciate/like that - I will send it to her".

So just call me Cheeky Almighty (stealing from the movie Evan Almighty - wait - if I tell you I am stealing it then am I really stealing it since I gave them credit?) and take my challenge.....everyone that reads, comments or lurks (yes I see you out there), do a little small random act of kindness this week to someone that least expects it. Then come back here and tell me about it.

OK so that is my "wing it" post. How'd I do?

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