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Friday, November 28, 2008

Still in a food coma.....

How was your turkey day??? Mine was good. Usually, by this time of the morning, I have already been to the stores, conquered and returned home. Not this year. I did not look at one sales ad all day yesterday - I am trying something new this year and NOT going shopping on Black Friday. I have other plans.

I am feeling the stress of not having my Christmas cards already made. I am usually all done by now. But this year, haven't even started. Not a good feeling. Nope, not at all. But I have a plan and I have decided that I am playing in my room today. I am on a mission to crank out as many as I can today. We will see what happens. I have a few good movies to have on in the background as I work so that will be helpful.

Also, today I am going to put up trees one and two at the house. Tree three (the pink tinsel) will be at work on Monday. I also need to get an extension cord for work too for my lights. I am saying that here, out loud, so that it goes in my brain and I remember it. Otherwise, it just ain't gonna happen.

Oh and I must share something that I - in my 36 years of watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving - have not even noticed until last night. I have watched this little holiday staple EVERY YEAR. I even own the DVD so in case I miss it on TV I am covered. Well, last night, I watched it on TV and you know what I noticed...for the very first time? Woodstock.....little sweet innocent Woodstock....eats BIRDS! He is a cannibal! Don't believe me? Watch it. At the end, Snoopy carves up a nice looking bird....nice big slice....and gives it to Woodstock....who takes a big ol bite and SMILES! Go on....go look....uh huh....see told ya! Did anyone else ever notice this?

And now for something a wee bit on the serious side for a moment. I want to take this time, to say that I am TRULY THANKFUL for so many things but....I am THANKFUL for ya'll - my blogger buds. Those that, in my time of pain and suffering this year, ya'll were there, offering your prayers. Many of you did not even know what you were praying for, but you did it anyway - because I asked you too. And as a special shout out.....I am thankful for my Bishes....Patti, Bella, SFG, Shell, (and my honorary Bishes Jessica in FL and EA - who hasn't blogged in over a year but we email so I guess that counts). Ladies, you have been there for me, put up with my whining and moaning, listened to me when I needed to vent, been super supportive and said the hard things even when at times it was not the popular thing. You have been such good friends to me when I haven't been much of a friend in return. I haven't been as attentive and supportive to you as I usually would (seriously, I still have b-day cards for ya'll that didn't make it to the mailbox - ya'll know that ain't me). I haven't been my usual self this year. But I have to say, that it has been you - my Bishes that have helped carry me through this year. You are the salt of the earth and for that ladies - I am forever in your debt and truly THANKFUL!

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