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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Conversations with the man child

So, the other night, I was having a chat with the manchild. It started by me pointing out the moon and Venus and Jupiter. And the conversation went from there. We talked about astrophysics, Stars, Planets, God, Black holes and Global Warming**. This was all on the 5 mile trip to go to dinner. dinner. We discussed Jump years (leap years but he got confused on what to call it).

Then we went to see Bolt 3D (which was much better than I thought it would be) and since we were the only ones in the whole theater we discussed the marvel that is digital 3D.

And then just last night I said something about having to take my car in for service because the "service engine soon" light came on yesterday. That has NEVER happened. He just looks at me and says...."Its just always something isn't it?"

**Global warming - last week was teacher conference week. I know my son. He is the class clown. Nothing new there. So she was telling us this story about the manchild. She says that she was at her desk talking with another student about something and here comes the manchild. He got up without a word. Walked over to the shelf and picked up the globe that was there. He proceeded to stuff it up his shirt. Now at this point I am waiting for her to say something about him making fun of pregnant women or something. She said after he stuffed it up the shirt he looked at her and she looked at him and he looked down and pointed at the globe under his shirt and with perfect comedic timing and very non-chalantly he said "global warming" - she busted out laughing. I don't know anyone but my son that would think of something like that. Yes, life with him is never a dull moment.

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