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Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend Update

So.....the car needs surgery. It will live but will also cost me an arm and a leg. BUT the good news is (no I didn't save money on my car insurance....geesh)....the good news is that I shopped around and will be saving upwards of $400 to take it some place locally instead of the dealership. This local place comes highly recommended. So, as soon as they get the part (its a special order) my car will go under the knife.

This weekend I took the manchild and his friend to the Monster Jam. For those of you interested it will be on Speed TV - its the first show of the year. Always a good time at those things. But what I enjoyed the most were the people behind me. There were 3 men and their sons and I think they were from India or something like that and I don't know if this was their first time going to one of these or not but they had the best time and I giggled just listening to them.

Got some decorating done and some packages ready to mail. Getting to the post office will be the challenge.

I feel like it was a pretty busy weekend but it was good. How about yours?

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