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Tuesday, December 09, 2008 ya think I am on a power trip?

So yesterday, its Monday. Monday is orientation day. We had a new employee there that, if the manager would have taken my advice last week, would not have been hired to begin with. The only reason this person was, is that they circumvented the process. See, this person would have never made it past me. But...they did. From the instant I began the class, this person was a thorn in my side. This person was rude, didn't agree with our employee pledge, didn't agree with this, didn't agree with that. This person complained about our pay schedule, complained about EVERYTHING. Then, the kicker....when I let the class out for a 15 min break, this person polled the rest of the new employees wanting to know how much everyone was making. Nope, you are done. So I kept this person in the class until lunch as I asked them to stay behind for a few moments.

I started out nice....."so, how do you think things are going?"....and then off on a rant this person went. I finally just cut it off and said, "you know, I think its time we call it a day. Thanks for coming out but we won't be needing your services". And off this person went again. So I said, "I am sorry you feel that way, but in this business we really need people who are going to be a positive influence and I can see that is not what you are here for so you can leave now - your services are no longer needed." And this person said "Well aren't you on a little power trip?" To which I smiled and said...."no just doing my job" and escorted her out of the office.

I told my boss, who laughed. My boss told one of the execs....who couldn't have been prouder. And now I am known as PT....Power Trip! was your Monday?

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