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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Analyze This.....

Well here we are again with another strange dream brought to you by the twisted brain that belongs to Cheeky.

So, I am at the beach on a pier with 2 other older couples. They are purchasing the beach house beside the pier. During our conversation I say to them, "Oh I used to own that house - well several years ago". And we chat about it. Fast forward. I am swimming in the ocean and decided to come in. I am sorta doing a crawling thing in the water when all of a sudden both of my hands are bound - by two very angry crabs. I can feel the pain and the pressure from them holding on to my hands very tightly. I yell for someone to come help me. After several minutes, I manage to shake the right one loose and see the cut marks on my hands. I am prying and pulling at the left one but he has a serious death grip on my hand. He slips and on the way down he clips the inside of my elbow cutting the artery. Next thing I know I am in a rental shop (where they rent out the coolest gas grills I have ever seen) and bleeding everywhere. I think that I will be ok when all of a sudden the cut from the elbow starts spewing (you know like in those skits from Mad TV - like all ridiculous and fake). The dude behind the counter calls for help. So, the little medic dude comes and he starts slapping all of my cuts and asking - "does this hurt?". I get stitched. Fast forward, as I am walking back to the pier, I come across a biker wedding. Then I wake up.

Weird. It makes absolutely NO SENSE. I have been having really strange dreams involving people I know or used to know over the last few weeks but this one was just bizarre. NO, I wasn't taking sleeping meds. NO, I wasn't drinking. Could have been the green olives I ate before bed though......


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