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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lemme give you a few PSA's mmmkay?

#1 Ok I know that we all think that we are superheroes - I mean I KNOW I am Wonder Woman personified you see me riding down the street on my crotch rocket dressed out in a cape, shoulder pads, spandex, all while flexing my muscles? No..... you don't but I swear I did see this dude today as I was heading to the post office to drop off some ebay packages. If I am lying, I am dying. Dude was playing with his cape and flexing his muscles as he went through the intersection. NO KIDDING! I sooooooo wish I had my camera.

#2 When I am at the "T" and I am in the yield part and I can only get say ummmm 3/4 of the way into the turn because the light turns red and the car in front me stops and the car behind me is on my butt and you come up on me from the left don't sit there on my butt and honk your horn like every 5 seconds. You see that I can't go forward, I can't go backward I am stuck but yet you still feel the need to sit there and blow your horn. OK so I turn around and wave and acknowledge that you are there and that I hear you, but Noooooooooo that ain't good enough for keep when I roll my window down and tell you off (as the man child sits there laughing his butt off for me yelling at you), just be happy that I was able to control my rage for the sake of my son, otherwise I was gonna put my beloved car in park and come and slap you for being stupid - see...I am in that part of my PMDD where I have fits of rage and my happy pills don't seem to be working today, the family was aware of this earlier as I was making dinner, they could feel the evil emanating from me and kept their distance, apparently you aren't that smart, next time you decide to do this I just might (to quote one of my favorite bloggers) just stab you in the neck with an ice pick - consider this your ONLY warning ....damn Minnesotans and their horns.....don't mess with a PMDD southern girl.....

Cheeky - who is feeling better today but please tread lightly or she will go off on you too.............

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