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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hostage Crisis Day 4

Dateline: Chez Cheeky

The crud has continued to keep teenage daughter hostage but it looks like he is starting to get worn down. Hostage negotiators (meds) have been attacking him non-stop. We even called in the the big guns....the Z pack!

Reports from the scene are that the hostage negotiators are settled in for the long haul and are giving 110%. The terrorist has not been properly identified so authorities are having to try the assault on multiple fronts (cough syrup, tylenol, motrin, nyquil, z-pack - not all at the same time mind you). We do know that we are NOT dealing with strep or influenza. We could be dealing with a light case of bacterial pneumonia (again not sure the x-rays were not clear and are being sent to be read by the radiologist) which is why we called in the Z pack.

Being the trooper that she is, teenage daughter wants to try half a day of school today. She is going to go in late after the negotiators have changed shifts and the new group take effect. She at least wants to get her work so she doesn't get too far behind.

Other members of Chez Cheeky are being careful not to fall victim of the terrorists tactics. So far, they have been sucessful.

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