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Monday, February 04, 2008

My Pick as Winner.....

As far as I am concerned - THIS is the big winner of the night....go ahead - watch it - I will wait.

That was the best commercial of the superbowl this year. I was pretty disappointed overall with the commercials and then this one came on and I literally laughed out loud. I did however enjoy the game. The teams were evenly matched and it wasn't a runaway game.

We didn't have a huge party, I just made a really large crock pot of chili and had the neighbors over for the game. Good food, good people, good football - can't as for much more.....well you could ask for Nascar but that is in 2 weeks!

Friday night was Bunco night and we were a member short so I quickly gave Katie a call and she came through for me. I think she had a good time and is now a "regular" so keep your calendar free the first Friday of each month Katie.! We didn't win any $$ but once again, we were in our element and we bounced things off each other and had another girl just rolling. I swear Katie and I need to form a comedy team and go on the road - ok ok maybe just a writing team but let me tell ya - our show would make you pee your pants you would laugh so hard. If you go over to her place, ask her about the defib tattoo (bwhahaha!).

Mr. Cheeky was supposed to get in around 10:30ish ummmm that didn't happen. He hadn't even left Dallas by 10:30. He wasn't going to get in until 1:15AM! So, Katie came back to the house with me to keep me awake until I had to go to the airport. After all was said and done we didn't walk in the door until 2:35AM! Good thing Hockey on Saturday wasn't until 1:45 - otherwise we would have missed it and that would have been a shame cause manchild SCORED!! during the game.

So it was a really good laugh filled weekend. Today we are supposed to get anywhere between 3-5 inches of good wet snow (you know the heavy kind) so I think I am just going to hunker down in the craft room today after getting everyone out the door.

Cheeky who is going to leave you with a question today instead of a song....and my question is.....

What was your favorite superbowl commercial?

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