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Monday, January 28, 2008

So how was your weekend?? Mine started out in style with a little shrimp, a little lobster, some lemon butter and some Garth Brooks - in that order! I heart me some lobster! I heart me some Garth Brooks too! I have had the opportunity to see him live and in concert and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen so I was really excited to know that he was doing a live show on TV. If you ever get the chance to go see him - you should.

Saturday was our usual run around and do errands day. Then to top it off I made a killer chicken casserole. Not very light in the calorie department but I suspect I could use the lower fat versions of a few things but not this time. To make up for the fat I added a few veggies to the recipe - you know to counter act the additional calories.

Sunday it was an early rise day. I had to see Mr. Cheeky off to the airport for more travel. Sunday afternoon we went to the movies. The kids saw The Pirates That Don't Do Anything and I saw Untraceable. It was pretty decent. I am not sure why it got an R rating though. Maybe I am just de-sensitized from all my horror movie watching days but I didn't think it was all that bad.

So let me share a few observations from the weekend with you:

* While watching the Terminator II on TV this weekend, I realized that a dirt bike has like 20 gears and the dude will go through them all when being chased. Seriously, watch it and see how many times he changes gears all while speeding ahead.

* When the temps reach the twenties I will go out without a coat on and think that it feels like spring.

* When it reaches the thirties its time to open the windows for fresh air (we didn't of course but I was tempted).

* I have reached the point that I must do something with this hair. I think I am going to take care of that this week.

* Eric Braeden does a much better job of acting in Y&R than he does in Titanic.

* Every time I look at my new template it makes me smile.


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