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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally - The Craft Room

Now keep in mind that my room is located on the 4th level - underground - so I get no natural lighting. Actually the lighting is bad. I have been keeping my eye out for another lighting source but haven't found the right one just yet so I will make due with what I have for now.

In this first picture, I have photo boxes on top that store my cards that I have made so that I can pull out the appropriate card when needed. The large storage boxes to the right (on top) are various project boxes. The purple is where I store all my papers, embellishments, stickers, etc. having to do with my fur babies. The next box is all winter, the next is camping. I only do this with ongoing projects (ones that I know I will have year after year) that way everything is in one place.

The next 2 shelves are my 12x12 papers organized by color scheme. On top of the papers are other consumable supplies (pages, protectors etc).

On the third shelve on top of the paper organizers are my sticker books - they are FULL and they are HEAVY!

The bottom shelf is photos that are waiting to be put into books.

To the side you will various tote bags that I have gotten at crops, or conventions. I keep them because you never know when you are going to use them either for scrappin or other uses.

And no, the shelf isn't leaning, I just didn't feel like going all the way back down there to take another picture.

This next picture is of my stamping stuff. The first 2 shelves - stamps stamps and more stamps (this is not all of them - just the wood mounted. My acrylic ones are in a container made just for them).

The third shelf down are various ink pads and a few Stampin Up kits (I just left the sets together)

On the bottom are craft magazines and catalogs and some completed albums.

This next picture is 100% MY IDEA and I should really make it girly and market it. This is where I store various tools that I use for both scrappin and stampin. There is a table just under the board (out of the picture) so basically all I have to do is reach up for what I want. I still have a few items I want to add to the board. I put little flowers on it to cover the screws.

The next picture - well, I am not sure I am happy with this area. It is where I was finishing up so you see the box of kleenex on top and the swiffer to the side...yeah I was to lazy to move them and take another picture.

I got the wire paper shelves at a craft show several years ago - I really wish I had gotten more. I use them for works in progress and as you can see I have quite a few. Beside the wire shelves I have my Zyron which I love (in case you are wondering, its a scrapper thing).

The smaller shelves to the left are basically the - "I don't know what to do with this" shelves. I don't like them there and with those things on them. I will most likely move them at some point. And for they record, yes that is Elmers glue and NO I don't use that for my crafting - it belongs to the manchild.

The boxes to the right are various things I need to sort through. They really don't belong in my craft room but I don't want to put them in the storage room just yet. They may end up there before too long because it is cluttering up my space and I can't like that.

Not pictured (well up close anyway - you can see it in the pics at the bottom of the post) are my two work tables one 6 foot and one slightly smaller (no, I am not gonna measure it). The larger one is dedicated to scrapping and holds my cricut and currently needs to be cleaned off (Look I was working I have stuff sorta laid out there so let's not look at that part mmmmkay?). The smaller one is dedicated to stamping. So that way I can switch between projects with ease. I also have a hanging file folder thing that has all my card stock in it divided by color of course.

Also, not pictured close up is an entertainment stand that holds a radio, space heater (cause its under ground and this area of the house is about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house) and DVD player. The TV is coming down when Mr. Cheeky gets home. Me, a TV and three flights of stairs won't get along I just know it. I usually just pop in a chick flick and get to work OR, I will listen to music OR, (which I have been doing recently) watch old tv shows from Watch Instantly on Netflix. I just finished the fourth season of Law and Order SVU today.

AND I have another little cabinet with doors (like in the last pic) that holds my Zutter on top and various supplies inside (Stickles, colored pencils, pens, markers, etc). Its right beside the smaller table so everything is within reach.

The walls are very boring and functional - I don't like them. At some point I am sure I will paint them and brighten things up a bit. Maybe in the summer.

If and when I ever get a house that I am going to stay in for a really long time (HA!) I would love to have a professionally designed cabinet and desk system but not until then - I don't want to invest in something like that and then have to leave it ya know?

So there it is....the room where I go to find solace and escape into my own little world. These last photos are taken from what you see as you come in the room point of view and then I just went around so you could sorta see it as a whole.

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