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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Its Thursday already?

Really? Wow where did this week go?

I finally updated my crafty page yesterday - go check it out if you wanna Cheekys Pages. Its over there in my blogroll too and I hope to update it again either tonight or tomorrow (I am working on a few projects to put there so if I get them finished then I will update).

Moi darling - I haven't forgotten about you....I am 2/3 done with your prizes. Hope to finish those and get them out to you by the weekend.

Conversations with the manchild:
(scene: he is drinking the small remaining amount of lemonade out of the pitcher)

Cheeky: What are you doing?
Manchild: Drinking
Cheeky: So you are pretending that is a giant mug or something?
Manchild: Yeah, we'll go with that

Go show some love to Patti, het little one was attacked by a dog. She is home and doing ok but go show some love mmmkay?

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