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Monday, December 31, 2007

Coming to a Stage Near You!

We spent the weekend purging and playing. We purged my office (since I am now in retirement) and made it more of a "family" office. We also cleaned out the closet in that room that sort had become "if you don't know where to put it - put it there" closet. What wasn't thrown out is being Craigslisted, sent to consignment or donated in some way. But its gone. We also purged the closet in the bedroom - lots of clothes being donated as well. I had a lot of office casual stuff that I haven't worn in years (since I worked from home) and I figure IF I ever work in an office again, then it will be time to update the wardrobe anyway so no need to have it there just for the sake of having it there. I got rid of about half of the contents of my closet.

For those of you anxiously awaiting the tales of meeting Hockey Boy....go back and read the comments from the last post. Teenage daughter had previously made plans and so meeting Hockey Boy had to wait. Anybody else think that one or both of them is perhaps slightly nervous about the first meeting???

The kids and I pooled our $$ and bought Rock Bank on Friday. We have been playing it ever since. The guitar part is very similar to Guitar Hero. It took me a while to learn the drums (still can't say that I am great yet - mediocre is more the word but give me time - I will get there). Then, there is the mic. So, last night, Mr. Cheeky and teenage daughter are playing and call for me to join. Teenage daughter is singing, Mr. Cheeky on guitar, me on the drums (just call me Phil Collins). Then there was a switch up and I was was singing. We took turns picking songs (and yes there is some Bon Jovi on there - Woot!) and teenage daughter picked some Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was hesitant but sang it anyway. I had the best score - 98%! Mr. Cheeky says (and I quote) "I think we have found our singer!"

Later in the evening, we decided to watch the fifth installment of Harry Potter. I was on one end of the sofa with my legs across Mr. Cheeky and manchild on the other end. Manchild out of the blue says "gimme your foot mom" and then proceeds to massage my foot as we watch the movie. Now keep in mind that I have not had a pedicure since July when Ted decided to take up residence. As a matter of fact there is still a mark on my heel - I think Ted carved his name in there - you know something like, "Ted was here but now he's gone he left his name to carry on" or perhaps maybe "My name is Ted...and one day - I'll be dead yo yo yo (I wanna be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl....oh sorry - I got distracted there). Where was I, oh yeah, the foot rub, a little while later, manchild left the room and came back and then says, "gimme that foot I was just rubbing", I lifted my foot and he proceeded to rub it again, WITH LOTION! Ummmm you think he is trying to tell me its time for a pedicure?

So tonight is New Year's Eve and we are celebrating in usual Cheeky style - we'll be rocking! But this time with an audience. We are headed across the street to the neighbors for a little Rock Band/Guitar Hero party.

Hope ya'll have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cheeky - who is gonna go practice singing for tonight - A little Soundgarden....

In my eyes
In disguise
As no one knows
Hides the face
Lies the snake
The sun
In my disgrace
Boiling heat
Summer stench
neath the black
The sky looks dead
Call my name
Through the cream
And Ill hear you
Scream again

Black hole sun
Wont you come
And wash away the rain
Black hole sun
Wont you come
Wont you come

Cold and damp
Steal the warm wind
Tired friend
Times are gone
For honest men
And sometimes
Far too long
For snakes
In my shoes
A walking sleep
And my youth
I pray to keep
Heaven send
Hell away
No one sings
Like you

Hang my head
Drown my fear
Till you all just

Black hole sun
Wont you come
Black hole sun
Wont you come
Wont you come

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