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Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekend Updates

Merry Christmas Eve ya'll. I have a little break this morning and thought that I would give ya a little update from the weekend's activities.

Friday - we lost a very important member of the household. Kenmore, our fridge. Yep, he died Friday morning. One good thing about living in the frozen tundra is that when your fridge dies, you can pack everything in coolers, put snow all around it and it will be fine. So Friday night, instead of going to see National Treasure with Katie, I went and bought a new fridge. We like him. He is all purty and stuff. We will call him Maytag.

Saturday morning was clean the house before the holiday so we don't have to worry about anything day. And also, wait for Maytag to arrive. The house got a good scrubbing from top to bottom. We ran a few errands and then Taz and Shug came over. I was quite pleased to see that all the animals got along pretty well.

Sunday, it snowed snowed snowed. Mr. Cheeky and teenage daughter went shopping while I just sort of hung out here. It was also movie day here at Chez Cheeky so we watched Deck the Halls and then the first of Pirates of the Caribbean. The other two will be watched today. I love movie marathons.

After shoveling the drive, we came in and all of a sudden I just felt sick. Very nauseated. I went to bed and tossed and turned. I was achey with fever, my head pounded and I was nauseated. You guessed - sinuses. I didn't get any sleep until this morning when I finally took something and it kicked it. The fever has finally broke and I feel TONS better. Thanks goodness cause who wants to be sick on Christmas.

So today its a hang out and be silly kind of day. I wish all ya'll a very Merry Christmas!

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