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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So let's see how I did.....

So last year for a Thursday Thirteen I came up with some "resolutions".....let's see how I did with those shall we?

#1 VEGAS! With or without Mr. Cheeky. I have talked about it enough. Talk is cheap. Either he takes me or I am going with friends but I.AM.GOING. mmmkay? Yeah, didn't happen - but I think I will have it on my list again for this year

#2 Get back on my "better lifestyle" plan. I was doing well but have sorta slipped a little. Need to get back to doing it right.Happened for about a 1/3 of the year - which quite frankly I am surprised it lasted that long.

#3 Meet some blogger buds! I understand from Shell that my presence is DEMANDED at the blogger blow out in Houston the third weekend in April. I think this sounds like fun. Talked to Mr. Cheeky about it he doesn't seem to excited....again he can come or not but I think I.AM.GOING.....mmmmkay?OH YES! This one I did. I went to Blogger Blowout in April and met lots of bloggers. Then I met Patti, and Katie. And then Patti, Katie and I bacationed together! I think I want to add this one again this year and meet some more bloggers in IRL.

#4 Stand up for myself more (ummmm if that is ok...hehe). Not be so afraid to say what is on my mind. Yep, did this one too. Some to my good, some not but I did it.

#5 Learn something new. Not sure what yet. I have always wanted to learn to play the piano. I would like to take an html class or something. I dunno what I will learn but it will be something.I am sure I did this, but I don't know if I remember what it was I learned LOL.

#6 Find something the teenage daughter and I can do together. She is fun to be around and she ain't getting any younger hehe.This one is a work in progress.

#7 Try to stay out of the winter "blues". They aren't fun and it doesn't make me fun.This one was hard but so far this year I am kickin the winter blue's bootay!

#8 Someone told me recently that I am my own worst enemy (hey that's a song and I am singing it now...haha) so I think I need to stop doing that - being my enemy that is - not singing - I will never stop singing....bwah ha ha.Yep, I did this one too - started looking at things differently.

#9 Move forward and stop holding on to so many things (and a few people). Learn to let go.Yep, I did some of this last year and I think it will continue into this year as well. Its a good practice.

#10 SCRAP. At least go to a crop or something once a month. Have come a long way but have so far to go......YES! I went to a convention in Milwaukee and St. Paul. Then there was Scrapfest and a show at the fair grounds. I am going to stick with this one again this year. I want to go to a new show/convention this year.

#11 Be a better blogger - expand my current network (listen to me like I am some sort of pro or something LOL). Yep, I did this one too.

#12 Teach Kitty Girl to give kisses. I have already started working on this and its funny.YEP - and I am the only one she gives kissies to.

#13 Have Fun! I think overall I did this one too. I broke out of my shell a little bit this year and started to embrace the fact that I am here in the tundra for a while. I think I was depressed for quite a long time but I am not feeling that anymore.

So.....overall I did pretty good with the things I wanted to do. Others, well, we won't talk about them mmmkay? Other than the ones mentioned above that I want to tackle again or continue doing I am adding the following:

*Actively work on my crafting and start updating my craft blog at least weekly but hopefully more often. Start expanding my blogroll there and adding new crafters to the list.

*Stay out of the depression areana. OK so the body mass may not be at optimum levels but I have to say that I am feeling better than I have in a really looooong time. I started coming out of it the last quarter of the year and I am just in a much better place now. I didn't really talk about it much on the blog but I wasn't as good as I wanted to be. I am now - I aim to keep it that way. I have some obstacles - being in retirement for one, but I think I can use that to my advantage.

*Read more. I love reading. I actually did pretty good this year and went through quite a few books this year and want to add to that list. I would like to expand the types of books that I read too.

*Bacation with my blogger buds again! The family can come too but we really had a great time this year and I would like for it to be an annual kind of thing (assuming they want to do it).

*Get Patti and Liz to MN! 'Nuff said!

So that's it....that's my list for the year. I think for the most part they are doable.

I will update about the party tomorrow.


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