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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now see this will brighten your day....

It will brighten your day even if you do get up and its still cold and read your email and see that your lunch with a blogger bud is cancelled cause she works and is not in retirment like you and you are sitting on the couch and see out of the corner of the blind something that is falling from the sky. You blink...blink blink blink...."what was that?" you say to yourself and then you see it again so you get up and open the blinds and see it....SNOW! Beautiful fluffy white flakes falling ever so gently.....that you will have to SHOVEL! Yeah see, even though you wake up to that....this will still brighten your day. What is it you ask?? Well just looky here....

Brittany gave this to me! And you know the little post she wrote when she received it - I could have wrote the exact same thing so what am I gonna do - well I am gonna "post lift*" it (yes, that is a new word made up by me...feel free to lift it for yourself). So here we go:

"I have to admit, I am a nerd, and I always get so excited when I get awards or when people just comment on my posts. I actually will call my hubby at work and say "I have 20 comments" or "someone likes me and gave me an award." All while, I am sure, his eyes are glazing over and he's thinking "why in the world did I marry this woman?" And then he remembers I have a nice.... sense of humor.

Anyway- for some reason Brittany believes I am Excellent!! :) Thanks, for thinking I am excellent and thanks to anyone who actually reads this blog! :) I appreciate it."

See.....she said it perfectly - I couldn't have said it any better. Well not with out coffee and not while snow (that I will have to SHOVEL) is falling.

Now....I get to pass this along to other EXCELLENT blogs.....Oh there are so many indeed.

Katie - yes, even though you cancelled lunch with me today (a fact that I completely understand but will continue to give you crap about - see that is why you love me) I still think you are deserving!

The Monogram Queen herself - I pink puffy heart you so.....

Sheri and Suzan over at Celebrating Women. Ladies, ya'll are too funny.

Shell even though you don't post daily after the semester starts...I still think you are pretty excellent (yeah, say it like Bill and Ted)

Tommiea - my OCD FlyLady friend who I would love to hire just to come and organize my are excellent (Say it like Wayne and Garth - from Wayne's World).

Just go to anybody that's over there in the blogroll (that I need to update) - they are all excellent - otherwise, why would I read them?

So THANK YOU Brittany for making my day, even though the snow has almost stopped falling and while it is only a dusting I am still gonna have to SHOVEL the driveway......

OH and ummmm just roll your mouse over the names and click - they are linked but the colors for links don't change on the new template.

**Post lift - in the scrappin and cardmaking world, when someone posts a pick of a layout or card that you want to copy you say you are going to "scraplift" the idea. I thought it would be appropriate for blogging as well.

Cheeky who is gonna sing....Hmmmmmm (I am gonna have to start taking requests I think)...I am gonna sing some Hank Williams Sr. because #1 I can and #2 a new reader hearts him and so do I and #3 the thought of going out in Minus 4 temps (not windchill) and shoveling even a dusting of snow makes me wanna cry a tear in my beer.....

There's a tear in my beer
Cause Im cryin for you,
Dear you are on my lonely mind.
Into these last nine beers
I have she'd a million tears.
You are on my lonely mind
Im gonna keep on sittin here
Until Im petriified.
And then maybe these tears
Will leave my eyes.
There's a tear in my beer
Cause Im crying for you, dear
You are on my lonely mind.

Last night I walked the floor
And the night before
You are on my lonely mind.
It seems my life is through
And Im so doggone blue
You are on my lonely mind.
Im gonna keep on sittin here
Till I can't move a toe
And then maybe my heart
Wont hurt me so.
There's a tear in my beer
Cause Im cryin for you, dear.
You are on my lonely mind.

Lord, Ive tried and Ive tried
But my tears I can't hide
You are (were? ) on my lonely mind.
All these blues that Ive found
Have really got me down
You are on my lonely mind
Im gonna keep on drinkin till I can't even think
Cause in the last week I aint slept a wink
There's a tear in my beer
Cause Im crying for you dear
You are on my lonely mind.

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