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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post...

To bring you Breaking News.......
Dateline: Chez Cheeky

The crud has forced entry into the residence of Cheeky and her family and has taken the teenage daughter hostage. She has had a fever since Sunday afternoon. It broke for a while. She went to school (I told her to just stay home but she wanted to go - that is a sign of sickness right there - I should have picked up on it). I did end up picking her up late morning yesterday. She had fever, she hacked and coughed all day.

This morning she is literally crawling up the steps because she can't breathe (not ER can't breathe but not good either). Checked again, the fever is back at 102 (its been hovering there for a while - when the meds are in it drops but comes back as soon as the meds start to whimp out).

Anyway. Docs office opens at 8. We will be there waiting for them. I will update with more when we get back. Where is Osmosis Jones when you need him?

Obviously, this is not what today's post was going to be about - that has been postponed until a later date.

Update #1 Doc appt at 10:20 - we are on the cancellation list so if someone cancels we will be in earlier. Teenage Daughter tells me at the time she left yesterday (which was around 10:30) 80 people had already gone home sick - so yeah something is going around .....wanna take bets that I am gonna get it?

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