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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some days you are the windshield some days you are the bug

Yesterday I was the WINDSHIELD!!! You know that I haven't been happy with the new manager in my life. Well, yesterday made up for that. I got in and trudged along. Looking at the same things over and over again trying to find a candidate that didn't exist (cause I already looked in the same place for the last two weeks....and resources are limited). I needed something new to work on to let the old ones rest. Then the "big man" not the manager that grates on my nerves, comes over and says: "Cheeky, do you have a few mins? I need to talk to you?". Sure, I say and off to his office we go. He wants me to sit in on a meeting with a client that ain't real happy. contractor....try to help calm a client? OK I am game. And so I sit in on the meeting, make the client happy and then meet again with him after**. THEN, Mr. Middle Manager....had to admit that I AM the bomb-diggity because the "big man" asked for ME specifically. Mr. Middle Manager's favorite boy wasn't picked - I was. Wanna know why? Cause I ROCK!

Now I have just about a month left on the contract - I have made it my goal to fill these jobs with this client - wanna know why? Not because I am a dedicated hard worker - nope - its just cause Middle Manager will have to admit - it was done by a GIRL!

**Now as I am meeting with Big Man the second time he keeps smiling at me when I am talking....I look at him funny and ask him what's funny - he said - where are you from? Ohhhhhh I are laughing at the twang.....yes, I am from the south, yes I twang and it gets worse when I talk to my family. Now every time he sees me I have to twang for him....LOL

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