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Friday, December 12, 2008

Is it over yet?

Ya know.....I don't think I have been so happy to see a Friday come in a really long time. But this week, I have felt like teetotal CRAP! The death has moved from my head to my chest (well its about 10% head now 90% chest). And now I am coughing....but its a painful cough. Hurts every time. I know its part of just working itself out but....OUCH!

The car is in the hospital and should be released today. You know I said that I took it to a local place and saved about $400....well scratch I have saved $600! Can you believe honest mechanic!! When I go get my car I am gonna drop off the has a leaky rear end (Bwwahahahahahhaha!!!....leaky rear end....I crack myself up...but it really does....).

The first batch of Christmas cards went out yesterday....the last set will go out by Monday. Whew..... It was a very simple design this year....but cute.

OK that is all I have for ya....need to go drink something warm for my throat before I go out in this MINUS 6 degree weather....I guess winter really is here now.....

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