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Monday, January 12, 2009

Accentuate.....the Positive

Eliminate the negative....and latch on the affirmative don't mess with Mr. In Between.....

That's me. Life is dealing me a really tough hand right now.....but if 2008 taught me anything at taught me that I am one strong Cheeky and I ain't taking it no more. I am going to stare my demons in the face and dare them to mess with me..... go ahead demons....just try.....Cheeky is about to kick yo butt! I am NOT....let me repeat that....NOT about to spend 2009 like I did in 2008. Sure, there will be things that will knock me down but I am not staying down. And I proved that this weekend. Last year, I let life kick me in the gut and take the things that once brought me joy.....but not this time. 2009 tried....but I am not about to take it lying down so I did things this weekend that brought me joy.

AND with that being said.....I let my demons take my music (notice how long its been since I have sang on my blog.....) but not the words of Squeak from The Color Purple....."I's about to sang". I am gonna sing when I have joy and when I have has always been music that has brought me through and defined me. In 2008, I forgot who I was for a while......but not anymore. I am looking at life and saying "Is that all you've got?....cause you can't break me." I know how to dig deep, I know who and what I can depend on.

So thank you.....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU....for all the heartfelt messages, and prayers and words of encouragement. They have meant more to me than I will ever be able to say. There will be days that I am down....but I will be DAMNED if they keep me down.

And with that being said.....let me give you a little weekend update.....

Conversations with the manchild as I was watching Grease (and yes...I know every single word...I can quote every line, every song...everything...from begininng to ending credits):

Cheeky: "Brusha, brusha, brusha! Get the new Ipana! With the brand new flavor - it's dandy for your teeth! Brusha... Brusha... Brusha - knock out, decay germs fast!"

Manchild: Mom, its hard to concentrate to eat when you know this WHOLE movie (insert eye rolling here)

Later in the movie

Cheeky (again quoting the movie) Uh, I'm not very hungry; just gimme a double Polar Burger wit' everything and a cherry soda wit' chocolate ice cream.

Manchild: Moooooooooom!!!!


Cheeky who says.....look out....cause I's about to sang!!!

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