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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Whew.....what a day

So yesterday was orientation day. Always and adventure. I started the morning out by sending someone home (yes the power trip had returned) before the class even started. Yes, she decided that just because she had in an application that she could just show up for a job. Ummmm no honey....that is NOT how it works when I am running the show. I pulled her app and saw that I have called her no less than 8 times during the first two weeks of the month and she didn't bother returning my call. So when she showed up I promptly removed her from class and said....ummm "Buh bye" and showed her the way out. And of course I did it with a is the holiday season after all.

By far this was the BEST class I have had while working where I do. It was a full class and they were all lively and talkative and it really made for a fun day. I really hope that they all stay with the company for a long time. If they do we are going to be the lucky ones.

Today....we have pot luck for lunch and then.....and this is from the CEO....we will have prizes for the most festive dressed (ummm YES I am playing...and I have the competition worried already) and then....and then.....we are going carolling around the building and handing out candy canes. Oh yes....we are. It is mandatory. I love this place. right up my alley! Seriously, how many companies do you know that do silly stuff like this? LOVE IT!!

Also....right now....literally right now...its snowing - big fat commute to work should be fun.....

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