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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Squeek hack squeek hack bark

That is pretty much what you get when you talk to me these days. I will get a few words out before I start hacking and barking. THEN the nose start running so add a few nose blows in there too. That was just what it was like sitting with me in orientation yesterday. It was brutal. Not only for me but for the poor folks in there. I made sure I brought plenty of antibacterial wipes and stuff to make sure that I didn't spread the love.

Its just a wee bit frigid outside. The temp is something like oh MINUS 15 and I don't even want to know the wind chill. And I don't think I can like it. I do get to wear my big ol fuzzy ski bunny shirt that my sister got me years and years ago. Its been that long. BUT I only wear it a couple times a year (well in the South I only wore it a couple times a gets more use here) and today is as good a day as any to wear it.

Cheeky - who needs to go start the car and let it warm up .....grrr did I say I didn't like this cold weather business????

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