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Monday, December 15, 2008

Every have one of those days?

Where you just want to crawl back in your nice warm bed and snooze? Yeah, that's me this morning. I don't know why. I slept good last night. I slept hard. But I just did not want to get up. Could be that I am still battling this dadblasted cold and it won't leave. Could be that the current temp is MINUS 9 and the wind chill is somewhere in the MINUS 30 range. Whatever the reason, I think I need to get the high octane go go juice this morning (read that as - need to stop and get a big coffee with extra shots of espresso).

The weekend was nice. Can't say that too much got done but that's ok. Sometimes you just need a weekend like that. Since it was so cold I made chili yesterday.....its going to be good as my lunch today.

As I mentioned before, the cold is digging in its heels and holding its ground. It is now in my chest AND my head. My voice was really bad on Saturday. Not so bad yesterday. So-so this morning, but its orientation day so lets see if I can last the whole class. Wanna place any bets? I have also developed this painful deep barky cough. Its worse in the mornings and evenings but still....its been a week now, time to move out!

Cheeky - who sounds worse than she feels but not by much.....

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