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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Update

What a great weekend. Lots of fun and food! OMG, once again the theme here (say it with me...) "I ate waaaaay too much!". We got to Lake Independence late afternoon on Friday. Our friends were already there and set up. Teenage Daughter brought along 2 of her friends and they were responsible for setting up their own tent. They actually did a really good job. I was impressed. Friday we just sorta hung out and chilled by the camp site. We were a little concerned because man child had been having a fever off and on since Thursday (he stayed out of school Thursday and Friday). He was a little warm and not himself Friday night so we gave him meds and sent him to bed early. He woke up fine the next day and was good the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was pretty good weather wise during the day. It was overcast and we had expected to get some rain so after breakfast we prepped everything for rain. Moved things inside. Put an extra tarp over the tent. We have an older tent and I am not convinced that it is rain proof anymore so better to be safe than sorry right? Anyway, it didn't rain and the sun came out. Now the wind was pretty fierce. Lots of gusts but we handled it. Then men fold headed out to get the steaks for dinner and was told that a major storm was headed our way. The wind had picked up (and it was already really gusty). They get back and we prepare for what has now been called "hurricane Julio". We didn't want to crank up the grill since we were about to get hammered so we sat in the screen tent and goofed on each other and I had my first taste of pickled herring. Ummm it has to be an acquired taste. Wasn't disgusting but it wasn't great either. Not sure that is something I want to "acquire". After lots of wind and a major drop in temperature (obviously the front came through), the skies started to clear (without rain) and we started the grill. Now, the temp had dropped but the wind did NOT let up. Can we say "chilly"? It was even too much to be sitting by the campfire so after a late dinner and a hot shower it was time to snooze. Ummm it was cold ya'll. I was wearing a shirt, sweatshirt, and pants and was still COLD!!!

Sunday morning, the wind had died down but it was still way chilly. But the day turned out to be absolutely PERFECT! Went to the pier with the kids, Mr. Cheeky and John to fish. After lunch laid in the sun a little while Mr. Cheeky and the man child rode the bike trail. Just a GREAT GREAT day. Suzie joined us late in the evening and brought food - YEAH!!! We grilled again and then headed down to the pier to watch the sunset - and yeah NOBODY brought a camera - DUH! Well Shanny did when she joined us later but she came AFTER the sunset so there wasn't much we could do about that.

Monday - time to pack it all up and guess what - here comes the rain! Just like a 2 minute shower but enough to make us worry for a minute. Got everything packed up and then everyone headed out for one more ride on the boat. I headed home. I was whipped plus, I had been battling a headache since the evening before so I just headed on home. Also, I needed to start the massive amounts of laundry. It had to be done on Monday and I didn't want to be up all night doing it. Why did I have to do it righ away? Because Mr. Cheeky is headed to Germany - today - as a matter of fact I just dropped him off this morning. And he is on a plane as I type.

Lots of pictures to scrap (I will be loading up flickr later today) and stories to get down on paper so we don't forget them.

What did I learn from this trip? I learned that when she needs to be, teenage daughter can take care of things herself (i.e. putting up her own tent etc.). I learned that the man child is really funny. I mean funny ya'll. He is much more quick witted that previously given credit for. I learned that even though I have a really good air mattress, that sleeping on it for days, in the cold, is not really good on the back. I learned that when camping in MN, be prepared for all kinds of weather developments (this time last year we were dying in the 94 degree heat).

Cheeky - who wants to know - what did you do over the long weekend?

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