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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ya'll be smart and all.....

I have a delima. We are going camping this weekend and have meals planned for all but one night. Friday - its burgers and dogs. Saturday - honkers and baked baby red taters - yummy. Sunday?????? We dunno. So my blogger friends, name a quick, tasty and easy camping meal. We are already having sammiches for the lunch times sooooo gimme some ideas for dinner on Sunday.

Now I have to apologize for the wording and typing errors in this post. I am in the loopy phase of ambien you know the time when I watch tv and everything I see is double and laugh at my family members cause they have 2 noses and 4 eyes. The basic euphoria before the amnesia kicks in and when Mr. Cheeky finds his euphoria....hehe cause Ummmm I don't remember anything at all that happens during this time and I get asked questions the next day about how "yeah Cheeky we need to do THAT one AGAIN"....yes read into what you want to in here. I am clueless and only Mr. Cheeky knows for sure and will often look at me and giggle for days.

So back to the topic - camping meal for Sunday? any suggestion???

Cheeky - who needs to finish this up before the amnesia kicks in and I forget to post it....

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