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Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Friday

Ok so here we go with a little randomness for Friday.

FINALLY - I get Dexter on disc (sounds kinda dirty doesn't it? hehe) today so I can see the final two episodes of the season. Its been a hard two days waiting for that thing to come in - I mean I was breakin out in sweats and convulsions. I will be watching the mailbox like a hawk ya'll.

Mr. Cheeky is finally coming home today - Woot! He has been gone since last Friday. Seems longer than usual - I guess because he wasn't here over the weekend and I was dealing with sick kids. Unfortunately, it will only be for a few days as he has to travel back down next week.

It has sort of been a boring week. Not that I need any huge excitement or anything. I just think I need some warmth and sunshine. I will be getting it in a few weeks but not soon enough if you ask me.

I need to run a few errands today in preperation for Mr. Cheeky coming home. Need to get some wine to have with our honkers tonight. Yes, I don't care if its zero outside, I am grillin honkers - capish?

I found out yesterday that one of my friend's from Charleston (the German one that I pink puffy heart) is going to be here in 3 weeks! She will be here for a week for training. She is staying fairly close so I get to hang out with her in the evenings. I don't have the details just yet but I am excited. Mr. Cheeky is sad he will be traveling that week - he hearts my German friends too.

Kitty girl has been more affectionate lately. She has let me pet her for more than 5 seconds on several occasions this week and every time I walk by her she lifts her head to give me a kiss. For her - this is HUGE! We have had her over 2 years and this is the most affection she has shown at one time. I knew she loved me.

Today is the big day ya'll. Today, after 8 loooooong months - I am finally going to go get a pedicure. There is still a tiny mark where Ted left his calling card and its still tender at times but I can't take it anymore - I must have pretty tootsies. I sorta feel sorry for the girl that has to do it though, she has her work cut out for her. I have never been this long without a pedicure. I am almost embarrassed.

This is all I have for today, have to get up and get moving.....I need a little music to get me goin....hmmmm hmmm some Abba perhaps.

Now listen, ya'll have to watch this seriously just watch it. Take the few minutes out of your day and watch it. It has so many references to Abba songs (not just when they sing - 90% of the dialog is lyrics from Abba songs). I find it hilarious. But then again I do heart me some Abba. I think its pretty funny. As a matter of fact I need to watch it again because there are subtle references throughout the skit.

Enjoy! and have a GREAT weekend!

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