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Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Update - with your hostess - Cheeky

BUT....before I begin with the weekend update.....stop what you are doing....and wish this man right here.....see this one in the pic (the man not the goat)....

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, today is Mr. Cheeky's birthday! We love ya honey, and hope to make today very special for ya.

Now on to the update.

Friday, Mr. Cheeky came home, it was the start of the birthday weekend and it was wang and trivia night. I do so heart me some wangs and they did not disappoint. They did however, forget to bring me my little hamburger bites appetizer. It was ok - I didn't need the extra calories anyway. We got home and decided to watch the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Actually, the plan was to watch all the Indiana Jones movies in preparation for the new one coming out soon. At any rate, we didn't make it till the end of the movie. We all fell asleep (yes, we are really a bunch of party animals here at Chez Cheeky).

Saturday it was our usual, hockey practice, run errands, etc kind of day. I made some killer shrimp and scallops for dinner (and this time I didn't use cheyenne pepper instead of paprika - I read the bottle). It was FABULOUS!! Then it was time to play a little rock band and guitar hero before Mad TV came on. It was mostly me and Mr. Cheeky playing. Teenage daughter and her frient L came down for a few songs but that was about it.

Sunday, it was a lazy morning. Mr. Cheeky had to do a little work (which really stinks but at least he was home). He made his customary weekend breakfast of hashbrowns and bacon (YUM). I made brownies for Mr. Cheeky's b-day at his request and we kinda goofed around until it was time for manchild's hockey jamboree. Two and half hours of games and then it was trophy time. He also received a little extra gift from the high school hockey team coach for manchild's participation in carrying the flag for one of their games. It was a framed pic of the team and they all signed it. I thought that was pretty nice.

After the game we headed over to a local pizza joint for a little party. Next weekend is out last hockey weekend and its out of town and so they wanted to do a little something incase there are those (like us and others) that are not going to stay the night. We had a nice time.

When we got home we watched the last part of the race (man I love nascar) while we were playing a board game with manchild. Teenage daughter decided to sit this one out - so she got to fold laundry instead (what a trade off).

So that is what happened in our neck of the woods....what did you do?

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