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Monday, September 29, 2008

Its a good problem and other random things

*I have a problem....but....its a good problem to have. See, it seems that the majority of my pants....are...well....TOO BIG!! Woot! Don't hate. I say majority because there were a few pair that I couldn't wear cause they had gotten too small but now they fit....and are on the verge of being loose. I have lost 30 pounds since the beginning of June and I am still losing. A pound or two a week. But still....I like having problems like this (beats the heck out of the rest of the things I am dealing with).

*Here is your movie review for the weekend. I went to see Eagle Eye over the weekend. I thought it was a good solid movie. Kept moving. Decent ending. Worth seeing in the theater.

*I swear my cat can tell time. Saturday morning he was dead asleep. I mean snoring asleep. Then he raised his head, in that sleepy way with his eyes barely open, looked at the clock and bolted down 3 flights of stairs screaming the whole way. Why? Because it was time for teenage daughter to get up for school (or so he thought) and he went down to wake her up - he didn't want her to be late. He hasn't grasped the concept of weekends. Kitty girl just looks at him and rolls her eyes.

*My weekend was pretty lazy. I did finish ALL of my halloween cards (woot!) and have a few extra so if you want on the list email me with your address. OR if your address has changed recently, make sure I have it updated. After finishing my cards I started playing around with a fall/turkey day theme. I need to work on my design for Christmas soon too. I have a stamp show to go to next weekend so I think I will work on my design after that - you know, in case I see something there that I MUST have.

*I made some killer meatballs and garlic mashed taters for dinner on Sunday. They were incredible. Manchild and I really enjoyed this meal. Its gotten harder to cook these days for just me and the kids since the teenage daughter read a PETA website a while back and is now a vegetarian. I have just decided that she either eats what I cook or makes her own food.

*Teenage daughter thought she was being sneaky and messed with my netflix queue. I discovered and quickly resolved that little issue. Nobody messes with my netflix.

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