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Friday, October 03, 2008

First day was a success!

So far so good on the new job. The dude that I am filling in for is training me and leaves in a week. He is nice and knows his stuff. Problem is.....he is completely and totally disorganized. And while he knows where crap is.....don't mean I will when he is gone so I have my work cut out for me over the next week trying to at least get a handle on where things are.

The office is a work hard play hard kind of place. Family friendly so if I need to take off early or come in late its no biggie. The Owner/CEO Rocks!

I have refrained from bringing in the flamingo goodies until the dude leaves....don't want to move him out too soon....LOL

Have various activities to choose from for the weekend so I will see what happens and give you and update on Monday!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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