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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's try this again.....

Good thing I got all my Halloween cards done this weekend because my days of leisure are coming to an end....AGAIN! I have another temp position starting on Thursday. Its actually a temp to perm (they are expanding). I usually don't do temp gigs but I am filling in for a guy that is going on military duty so I will be there until April (and if it doesn't go perm then I can take the summer off again). The office is laid back, the people seem fun (they were laughing and cracking jokes during the interview - always a good sign) and the commute is really good. I will be recruiting for a company instead of a staffing firm (another plus). If it does go perm then I will be taking on some of the HR stuff too (which I miss doing).

So, I guess I will have to pack up Flash and the rest of his flamingo buddies to decorate my workspace (cube or office - I dunno yet).

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