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Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

And the kids are OFF of school but I have to go to WORK! What is wrong with that I ask you.

I had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday we made a Costco run and just sort of hung around the house. We watched Iron Man on DVD. I saw it at the theater but wanted to see it again.

Sunday it was cold and gray and I decided to go to the crafty show....cause that always makes my day sunny. I bought a few things but not as much as in shows past. This particular show was a little smaller than the Spring show. I did get a few ideas for my Christmas cards so hopefully I will have some time to play with that soon.

At one point over the weekend (can't remember if it was Friday or Saturday night), I was just getting settled in to bed and manchild came in and crawled behind me. He started rubbing my back and said "Mom, nobody ever rubs YOUR back". Yes, this kid will make some girl very happy one day.

OH and I thought I would introduce you to one of my coworkers - he is there on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.....

Now how can you dread Monday's when you have that waiting for you???

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