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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

700!!! Really?!? 700?!!

Yep, as I was getting ready to do a post about the weekend and how it was just a regular weekend and how I took the manchild and a friend to see Hotel for Dogs (its cute but wait for the rental), it dawned on me that this....this little so so every day kinda number 700!!! Really......I wouldn't kid ya about that.

700 posts? I guess I had a lot to say....or whine about...or sing! So, in honor of my 700th post I am gonna sing a little.....oh I many's about a little Kool and the Gang.....well it WAS gonna be some Kool and the Gang but the embedding was diabled on the player and I want you to be able to hear it so let's go with something wait....even better...ya'll sing to me!!!

So my challenge for you (the commenters, the regulars, and the lurkers...ya'll are invited too) is to sing me a line or two of your favorite celebration ditty....

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